POSitive Text Messaging

POSitive Text Messaging

An Awesome Marketing Tool

It's 2pm on a Wednesday and your store is empty. If only there was a quick and inexpensive way to reach your customers...

There is, and it’s right at your fingertips! POSitive Text Messaging!

For a growing number of people, text messaging is their preferred method of communication, and they’re more likely to see and react to a text message than any other form of advertising.

With POSitive Text you can:

POSitive Text Messaging is also a great way to communicate with your employees:

Included with POSitive Text:

POSitive Text Messaging

POSitive Text Messaging works and it’s an incredibly cost-effective marketing tool. No other form of advertising allows you to effectively reach customers for literally pennies! Everything you need for text messaging is built into your POSitive software and is included with a POSitive Gold subscription. You don’t have to use a separate system.

POSitive Text is just one of the powerful new Gold Features that are included with your POSitive Gold subscription. Features we've designed to improve your bottom line! Talk to your dealer, or call POSitive at 800-735-6860 to get started.