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The roots of the company go back to 1981 when it began life as Kennewick Computer Company and sold Atari computers. Computer sales and service remained the primary focus of the company for several years, until the need for a better point of sale system lead the company in a new direction. Not satisfied with the products available at the time, company management decided to create their own custom POS solution. When other merchants expressed interest in the software, the decision was made to form POSitive Software Company as a division that would concentrate on the development and marketing of the new point of sale product.

Our first product, POSitive Retailer, was officially released in 1993. Since then, we have introduced many innovative products and services:

POSitive Shopkeeper: An "entry-level" point of sale program.
POSitive for Windows: A family of Windows based point of sale programs.
POSitive Commerce: An e-commerce web site that connected directly to POSitive software products.
AveraCharge: Integrated credit card processing.
POSitive Retail Manager, POSitive GEM: Our current family of Windows based point of sale programs.
POSitive Five Star: The new standard in sales and inventory management software for the food equipment and supplies industry.

We will continue to develop innovative and affordable point of sale and e-commerce products that are available through independent resellers in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia.

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