POSitive Support Overview

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POSitive Software Company provides 30 days of software maintenance and training with the purchase of a software product. After 30 days, continued software maintenance and training are offered on a fee basis. This document explains what is covered by our maintenance and training services.

It is important to remember that there are two separate programs that make up the installation of POSitive software products. The “front-end” allows you to input and access the information for your business, and is handled by a program such as POSitive Retail Manager. The “back-end” is where your data is stored and processed, and this is handled by Microsoft SQL Server. As a convenience, POSitive software products can automatically install Microsoft SQL Server Express, and you may also install and use any other compatible version of Microsoft SQL Server. The “front-end” component is created and supported by POSitive Software Company, and is referred to as the “Product” in this document. The “back-end” component is created and supported by Microsoft Corporation. 

POSitive Software Company is not obligated to provide support for Microsoft SQL Server products, but as a courtesy to our customers, POSitive Software Company offers a limited range of support for Microsoft SQL Server, as noted in this document. Additional Microsoft SQL Server support options may be available for a fee.

POSitive charges a software maintenance fee, either annually in advance, or by automatic, recurring monthly payments.  POSitive reserves the right to change the Maintenance Fee from time to time upon 30 days written notice, which change shall become effective upon the next Renewal Term. Maintenance fees are non-refundable. 

POSitive will use reasonable efforts to correct any failure in their Product to substantially comply with its Documentation (“Errors”), provided such Errors are identified by the customer in writing, are replicable by POSitive, and confirmed by POSitive. 

POSitive will provide the customer with support by telephone or e-mail during the support hours posted at POSitive client support website (http://gopositive.com/support ) for the Product.  Such support is limited to the use of reasonable commercial efforts to answer questions from the customer regarding the general utilization of the Product, but does not include support relating to any changes or customizations made to the Product, or assistance with design, development and debugging of code or implementations, including but not limited to creation or deployment of customizations or developments using development or authoring tools licensed by POSitive.  In connection with any request by the customer for support, the customer shall provide POSitive with all information and access to the customer’s computers that is reasonably necessary to respond to the request. 

POSitive shall provide Upgrades to the standard version of the major Product at no additional cost to the customer. “Upgrades” shall mean updated, upgraded, or revised versions of the Product which may include Error corrections and other enhancements that POSitive, at its sole discretion, makes available to POSitive customers who are similarly situated to the customer at no additional charge. Upgrades shall not include any new releases which contain substantially new or different functionality, which POSitive licenses as separate products or which POSitive creates at the request of a specific the customer. 

Support for Microsoft SQL Server is limited to the following: Correction of errors related to the installation of MS SQL Server through the POSitive Installer program. Correction of errors related to the configuration of the MS SQL database when used with non-Multi-site POSitive software products. The creation of a MS SQL data backup if needed for diagnostic purposes by POSitive support staff. Additional MS SQL Server support options are available for a fee with Advanced Support and Multi-site Support.

The customer will have access to all regularly scheduled training classes during the duration of this agreement. Individualized training is not covered by this agreement and may be purchased separately.

Please refer to Appendix A for POSitive support department hours and methods of contact.


From time to time upon the customer’s request, POSitive may provide additional services outside the scope of the Maintenance Services to provide support or correct difficulties or defects caused by the customer’s errors, hardware system changes, interactions with other software of the customer, assistance with design, development and debugging of code or any authorized changes or customizing made to the Software Programs.  The scope and costs of such additional services will be separately agreed upon by the parties in writing. 



The support service covered by this agreement is available during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 

7 am - 4 pm U.S. Pacific Standard Time (excluding weekends and U.S. holidays) via telephone, email or web:

U.S./Canada Toll Free: 866-368-2266

International: 509-371-0600

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Web: www.gopositive.com/support

Phone and email support covered by this agreement is available Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm Pacific Standard Time – excluding weekends and observed U.S. Holidays. Support availability may occasionally vary from stated hours due to downtime for systems and server maintenance, company events, and circumstances beyond the control of POSitive. Phone support requests will be handled in the order in which they are received. POSitive staff will make a best effort to respond to all support calls within 4 business hours, but this is not a guaranteed response time. Email support requests will be usually be processed within one (1) business day.

Note: After-hours phone support is available for an additional fee and is limited to 1 hour. POSitive staff will make a best effort to respond to after-hours support calls within 4 hours, but this is not a guaranteed response time.


Optional Advanced Support provides additional services and more "hands on" assistance from our technicians. Using remote access technology, POSitive technicians can connect to your computer(s) and directly troubleshoot POS hardware problems, networking errors, or other issues that affect the operation of your POSitive product. They can also handle the installation of updates for POSitive products. Contact POSitive Support for pricing.


Optional Multi-site Support covers installation and replication issues specifically related to the use of Microsoft SQL Server and Data Replication with multiple business locations. Contact POSitive Support for pricing.

Telephone Numbers

North America Toll Free:

All Other Locations: