POSitive Hardware Support

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Here you will find hardware drivers and information about setting up cash drawers, pole displays, and receipt printers.

Welcome to POSitive Hardware Support

Disclaimer: This information is provided as a courtesy to POSitive Software customers and is subject to change at any time by the hardware manufacturers.

Receipt and Label Printer Windows Drivers and Utilities

Epson TM Series Receipt Printers

POS-X Receipt Printers and Pole Displays

Bixolon (Samsung) Receipt and Label Printers

SAM4s Giant-100 Receipt Printers

Star Receipt Printers

Ithaca Receipt Printers

Zebra Label Printers

Printer Control Codes

Epson, POS-X, Bixolon (Samsung) and other ESC/POS compatible printers:
Cash drawer trigger:
Partial cut (option): 27,105
Epson alternate cash drawer trigger: 27,112,48,40,40 (TM-T88 with USB interface. Generates longer pulse)
Special Epson cash drawer trigger with CR and LF: 27,112,48,64,240,13,10

Cash drawer trigger: 7 (Try 7,7 if you need a longer pulse)
Partial cut (option): 27,100,48 or 27,100,49

Cash drawer trigger: 7
Partial cut (option): 27,80,00 or 27,80,01
(Some Citizen printers also use Epson control codes)

Ithaca POSjet:
Cash drawer trigger: 27,120,1
Auto-cut (option): 27,118
Run Macro (for logo printing) <27><31><114>macro name<0> (Use only with POSjet driver)

Pole Display Control Codes (For use with POSitive Software products)

UTC Standard Mode
Logic Controls PD3000, PD6000, TD3000:
Line 1: 31,20
Line 2: 10,13
Characters per line: 18

Epson DM-D110 (Works with most Epson poles):
Line 1: 27,61,2,12
Line 2: 10,13
Characters per line: 18

Partner Tech CD5220, CD7220:
Line 1: 12,27,91,72
Line 2: 27,91,75,13
Characters per line: 20

Pole Display Set-up  Instructions

Partner Tech CD7220 USB driver and utilities
POS-X Pole Display USB driver and utilities

Many brands of pole displays are capable of emulating one or more of the displays shown above. For example, POS-X pole displays can emulate all three. If your pole display does not use one of these emulations, then there is a very good chance that it will not be compatible with POSitive products.

Misc. Support Information

POSitive Generic Scale Set-up

Setting up a Epson TM-T88 USB Printer

Setting up a Star TSP100 Series Printer

Printing Logos on a Receipt with a Epson TM-T88V Printer (video)

Setting up a Logic Controls CR3003 USB Cash Drawer

Zebra Label Printer Supplies

Information on using the Metrologic Optimus SP5500 with POSitive products

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