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Effective June 1, 2012, POSitive for Windows and AveraSell have been discontinuted and will no longer be sold. Support for these products will end on December 31, 2013. Your software won't suddenly stop working on January 1, 2014, but we strongly recommend upgrading to POSitive Retail Manager in order to receive future upgrades and support.

PRM is built around Microsoft’s SQL, a robust and scalable database. SQL also allows PRM to work with many popular third-party programs, such as Crystal Reports. PRM also has a number of new features that aren't available in POSitive for Windows, such as POSitive Connect, which allows you to view company information from any computer with a web browser, and POSitive Guardian, which allows PRM to interface with Talon and Eagle Eye video surveillance systems. Upgrading from POSitive for Windows to PRM is easy! Your company information, inventory, customers, history and etc., are automatically transferred. One of the first things you’ll notice about PRM is a new, streamlined user interface which includes enhanced touchscreen support. We’ve also added a number of new features, such as stock location management and the ability for divisions to share common inventory.

PFW and AveraSell are very similar and most of the information in this section may be applied to either program.

Click here to download the PFW 4.4 Full Installation file.

Common Questions
PFW Requirements Troubleshoot Your Network
Setting Up Your Network Supported Hardware
Upgrading POSitive  

User Guides
POSitive for Windows (PFW) 4.3 User Guide Importing Into PFW
GL Information Map Network Drives
End Of Year Archive Barcode Printing
Alternate SKU's Yahoo! Store
Gift Certificates Quick Guide to PFW Data Corruption and Common Issues
Seven Rules For Accurate Inventory Stock Counts PFW End of Fiscal Year Procedure


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We were extremely happy with the support for our new PRM set up, and subsequent resolving of the connection issue. In particular, the way Josh Vique handled the transition for us made this experience a pleasant one. Josh was very professional and courteous on the phone and by email, and his expertise in problem solving the connection issue was likely above and beyond his job requirement.

Adriana Wilkins

Adventure Outfitters


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